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The Personalization Project

The savoir faire and specialization of our craftsmen are at your disposal to make your Au Départ piece unique and special. Each customization is expertly handmade with extreme care and precision by professionals in our workshops. Each personalized piece becomes unique in the world and destined to last over time, generation after generation.

Bold is the most classic font and the first to be created in the Au Départ archive. Its clean lines make it perfect for both men and women, adapting well to every collection piece.

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Heritage is the font with the most urban feel: extremely modern but with grounded roots in the Au Départ history. Its lines perfectly reflect the geometry of our monogram, developed at the beginning of the last century. This font is sophisticated but complex to create and for this reason it can only be applied to a limited selection of articles.

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The Building font, always being born on the inspiration of the monogram, is made from a kind of thin wire fence that composes the single letter and develops vertically to almost represent an architectural construction with a strong futuristic character. Achievable only on leather: in black on cognac colored leather and in white on black leather.

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